season 1

Where Am I ?

You open your eyes in the middle of nowhere, you can’t figure out what’s going on around you. Your last memories are ambiguous, you are unable to discern where you are. You feel oppressed by the presence of an energy that dominates the space. The only thing you get to remember is chaos taking over everything; you get to understand what is happening around you. You’re dead. You are in hell. Your only gateaway from here is to meditate for as long as possible to eventually get out and for come back to earth.

Seems I'm not alone !!

Don’t worry , 3333 Humans are on the same boat as yours all living on the solana blockchain , trying to find their way to go back on EARTH


Wanna know more?

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 Made by human is a digital artistic and community based project which contains three NFT collections living on the Solana blockchain. All Humans and traits are hand made by our talented artist and generated using custom code. The three collections revolves around the Humans journey through out Hell , Earth to get to Heaven where they’ll be rewarded.

Human in hell is the first  of our 3 collections.The Humans will start their journey in Hell . There will be  3333 Human in Hell NFTs , with 50+ attributs. All willing to survive Hell and get their second chance on Earth.

Meditation haven't started yet